Uncover the source of your winning pitch.

All successful fundraising stories have a source.

A person, event, interaction, catastrophe or epiphany that drives the appeal.

These experiences have an unpremeditated authenticity, but they may be hard to fully uncover and express with the urgency you feel.

Fundraising Story teaches you how to craft that experience into a powerful story that:

  • creates tangibility by using the senses in your story rather than concepts

  • fearlessly uses your personal experience as an entry point into your organizational story
  • compells donors to feel as you feel, see as you see


May 2017 Workshop Overview

May 3:    Module 1 - Listening and Storytelling Method, Story Identification, Defining Audience

May 10: Module 2 - Excavation, Crafting, Practice

May 17: Module 3 - Explore Media Applications, Case Study, More Practice!

May 24: Module 4 - Present Story and Media Application, Trainer Review 

Fundraising Story presents an innovative mix of storytelling training, group practice, media exploration, case studies, and real-world homework assignments to produce a useable story the moment your finish the course. Questions and answer sessions about everyday issues with applying for grants using story or identifying the best stories are part of the workshop.

You will learn: 

* How to find a story arc amidst all the real-life detail of your work
* How to convey the need of the person or people who benefit from your work
* Where to place your story in the context of your overall presentation and ask

Praise from Amy Bach, Executive Director, 
Measures for Justice

"Narativ knows storytelling. But they also know how to teach people to tell theirs. Their trainers will find the emotional core, the story within your story, and get you to connect with your audience in a way no one else will. They transformed my pitches into winners and helped me attain my fundraising goals."

About Us

Jerome Deroy, CEO and Lead Trainer

Narativ, Inc. has been teaching listening and storytelling training for 20 years. 
It is our speciality. It’s what we do best.  

Jerome Deroy has been coaching start-up entrepreneurs and CFO’s in the art of storytelling for pitches and fundraising for the better part of a decade, helping them surpass their goals and move to the next level. He has led more than 1,000 individuals through training programs all over the world from household non-profit organizations such as UNICEF, and the Open Society Foundations, to single-issue ones like Measures for Justice, and local community-oriented organizations, like Queens Community House, to name a few. 

His passion is storytelling that leads to real-world solutions. 

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Perfect for you if:

• you have a great idea, but it is abstract, and lacks emotional resonance

• you rely on data and analytics, and your presentations can be dry and complex

• you have a solid concept, but funders want to know more about the person who will make things happen

Our Clients

As fundraisers, we seek to find an avenue of connection with potential donors. Ideally, our story will speak for itself.  But often it doesn't land with the emotion and urgency we desire. How do we build a compelling fundraising story that travels from need to solution?

Narativ CEO and Lead Trainer Jerome Deroy led a webinar recently to introduce the workshop. Watch below.

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